Dancing Towards Motherhood with Lindsay Arnold of Dancing With the Stars

Episode 77 August 31, 2020 00:52:57
Dancing Towards Motherhood with Lindsay Arnold of Dancing With the Stars
The Mom Voice
Dancing Towards Motherhood with Lindsay Arnold of Dancing With the Stars

Aug 31 2020 | 00:52:57


Show Notes

Aug. 31, 2020 - In this episode the girls were so excited to chat with Dancing With the Stars Pro Lindsay Arnold. Due to the pandemic, Lindsay opted for a Zoom interview, though we hope to welcome her back in person after baby arrives!


Sarah kicks off the show with a round of burning questions to get to know Lindsay a little bit better. Hear Lindsay's go-to late night snack, her fave TV show and what she's currently obsessed with! Lauren then dove into all the baby questions - and they had a lot!  Lindsay is about 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby and shares that because of that she will be sitting out of the new DWTS season. Her and her husband Sam are so excited to welcome baby girl in November and she shares all about her journey thus far (even whether or not the pregnancy was planned!) They cover how she's felt, staying fit, her birth plan and more. You can tell Lindsay is already so full love and excitement!


They also dish on Dancing with Stars! Lauren and Sarah have been big fans for years, Sarah even watched Lindsay on So You Think You Can Dance. Lindsay is an amazing dancer and has even taken home the 1st place Mirror Ball trophy with Jordan Fischer. The women chat about her past partners, the grueling schedule, the judges and of course being away from family and Sam. It was so fun to hear behind the scene details of some big changes coming to the show this fall!  The Mom Voice was grateful to have Lindsay join them and wishes her the very best in welcoming Baby Girl!!


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