HOT TAKES: "Cuties", Social Media & What Our Dreams are Telling Us!

Episode 80 September 21, 2020 00:47:27
HOT TAKES:  "Cuties", Social Media & What Our Dreams are Telling Us!
The Mom Voice
HOT TAKES: "Cuties", Social Media & What Our Dreams are Telling Us!

Sep 21 2020 | 00:47:27


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Sarah Bones Lauren Willis

Show Notes

Sept. 21, 2020 - In this episode the girls kick off the discussion by running down Netflix's widely controversial show, Cuties. This movie has been in the headlines recently with many families cancelling their Netflix service.  It has people in outrage that this is on an American television service as it features a group of 11 year old girls ‘coming of age’.  Sarah and Lauren discuss the sexualized nature of the film and give their unfiltered view on the topic. 

They then briefly touch on the new Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” and how eye-opening it was about the dangers of social media.  Lauren shares her thoughts on how social media has evolved and the girls share how they use it in their lives. 

Moving on, the girls then spend the bulk of the episode discussing DREAMS and what they mean.  Sarah shares what science has to say about some recurring themes and what they can mean in our actual lives. What does it mean when you’re falling? Or an ex appears in your dream?  Tune in to hear them chat all about it.

Lauren shares that she dreams very frequently while Sarah rarely does.  They laugh recalling some memorable dreams they’ve both had and how we can use our dreams to better direct our day to day life.  They close out with their Hits and Misses of the week.  Lauren feeling like she's adulting getting her carpets cleaned while Sarah has an off week with her husband. 

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