Skincare Secrets Every Mom Should Know (feat. Kendra Harris)

Episode 81 September 28, 2020 00:48:55
Skincare Secrets Every Mom Should Know (feat. Kendra Harris)
The Mom Voice
Skincare Secrets Every Mom Should Know (feat. Kendra Harris)

Sep 28 2020 | 00:48:55


Show Notes

Sept. 28, 2020 - In this week’s episode, the girls sit down with a professional esthetician to discuss some of the best skincare practices and how to treat things from aging to teenage acne. Kendra Harris is owner of the Arizona-based Wildflower Beauty Bars and is sharing some of the insights that only the professionals know.

The girls have been dying to talk skin from day one, so they dive right into the episode with a discussion on “maskne”, Sarah had never heard the term and Lauren shares how she struggles to keep her chin clear during the mask mandates.  Kendra then goes on to share her thoughts on top products (both lower end and high end) and how to manage different types of skin.

The girls pick her brain about adult acne, if BOTOX is worth it and the biggest skincare no-no’s!  There’s lots of laughter along the way especially when Kendra delivers a blow to Sarah, sharing some less-appealing facts about one of her favorite brands!  Kendra is an open-book and really knows her stuff!  

Wrapping up the show, the girls say goodbye to Kendra and close up with their hits and misses of the week.  Lauren is excited the gym’s kids club is open while Sarah shares a scary miss that happened with her daughter and the school bus. 

Thanks so much for tuning in! Follow the girls on Instagram @themomvoicepodcast or find them at  Kendra can be found on IG @wildflowerbeautybar and at  New episodes released every Monday – so make sure to SUBSCRIBE! xo

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