Halloween in 2020 (What We're Doing, Guidelines & Our Haunted House Experiences)

Episode 82 October 05, 2020 00:43:26
Halloween in 2020 (What We're Doing, Guidelines & Our Haunted House Experiences)
The Mom Voice
Halloween in 2020 (What We're Doing, Guidelines & Our Haunted House Experiences)

Oct 05 2020 | 00:43:26


Show Notes

Oct. 5, 2020 - In this week’s episode, the girls are chatting about their Halloween plans given the COVID environment. They share some guidelines that the CDC has published advising us of what is considered low, moderate and high risk activities.  They give their responses to some of those and share what they will be doing Halloween night.  They also discuss CANDY and all the GERMS. This creates a lively debate on how to manage the germs and our kids expectations. What will you be doing Halloween night?

They then chat about costume/mask ideas and Lauren shares some of her most successful couple costumes. From Braveheart to a Shark Attack, she gives lots of fun ideas for you to do with your other half!  

They then launch into haunted house talk - Lauren’s a fan and Sarah absolutely hates them. They share some of their funniest memories when it comes to Haunted Houses and whether or not they’ll be going back. Sarah also shares the fun “You’ve Been Boo’d” tradition that her neighborhood. Find the “You’ve Been Boo’d” sign on their Blog at www.mom-voice.com.

They wrap up the show with their hits and misses of the week. Sarah sharing how her children have been independently getting ready for school in the morning and Lauren having no food in the fridge!

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