Quick Hits & Our Favorite Family Vacays

Episode 51 March 02, 2020 00:49:20
Quick Hits & Our Favorite Family Vacays
The Mom Voice
Quick Hits & Our Favorite Family Vacays

Mar 02 2020 | 00:49:20


Hosted By

Sarah Bones Lauren Willis

Show Notes

Mar. 2, 2020 - In this episode the girl’s start out with Sarah asking Lauren a burning question! It’s a funny talk about shower habits that you may or may not be expecting. They then launch into talking about The Bachelor and how Maddison and Peter’s relationship took a turn at the overnight dates. Lauren gives her opinion of Peter and how the producers have orchestrated the show this season and they then announce who the next Bachelorette will be!


After that, the girls share what their favorite family vacations have been to-date. Lauren shares that her family enjoys Mexico and Sarah reflects on a fun Disneyland trip her family took last year. They then share a few of their top traveling tips and the things that have made them a success. They both share that they will be staying home over Spring Break and offer a few fun ideas on how to have a mindful approach to the week.


They then wrap up the episode with their hits and misses of the week!


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