HOT TAKES: Corona Virus, The 2020 Election & Megxit

Episode 52 March 09, 2020 00:55:02
HOT TAKES: Corona Virus, The 2020 Election & Megxit
The Mom Voice
HOT TAKES: Corona Virus, The 2020 Election & Megxit

Mar 09 2020 | 00:55:02


Show Notes

Mar. 9, 2020 - In this episode the girl’s introduce a new show format called “HOT TAKES” - created specifically to discuss current events and happenings that all mama’s need to know about and rundown!


With all of the hype and information swirling around about the Coronavirus - the girls welcome back their friend and professional news anchor Emma Jade. She runs down all of the facts about COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). What it is, where it came from, the symptoms and who is at risk. They all discuss how it spreads, what’s happening in the world and what precautions we all need to take as mothers.


They then move on to the 2020 U.S. Election and what’s happening with the Democratic primaries. With Super Tuesday recently having occured, Emma provides an update on the political scene and the girls make some predictions of what they think may happen this November.


They then dive into the Royal Family and Prince Harry voluntarily leaving the throne to move his wife and child to Canada. They all speculate on what the cause of the exit is and how abrupt it seemed to happen. What do you think? Is this dramatic exit originating from Harry or Meghan?? They'll all just heartbroken at Megxit and cannot believe what's happening in the world! They then wrap up the episode with the week’s hits and misses.


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