Where Are the Kids?? & Funny Ways Parenting Has Evolved

Episode 50 February 24, 2020 00:52:27
Where Are the Kids?? & Funny Ways Parenting Has Evolved
The Mom Voice
Where Are the Kids?? & Funny Ways Parenting Has Evolved

Feb 24 2020 | 00:52:27


Show Notes

Feb. 24, 2020 - In this 50th episode of The Mom Voice, the girls start by explaining their “5 Days of Giveaways” that they'll be doing this week in a way to give back to the awesome listeners! They then kickoff the show with Lauren sharing a recent Dateline episode that hit them a little close to home - the Lori Vallow story and her missing children (who are originally from Arizona). Lori is caught up in a web of death, mystery and endless questions as the police search for her 2 missing children to this day. The girls give their take on the story and speculate on all the things. You hear how much the girls love their true crime and just send all the prayers to Tylee and JJ.


They then share their most memorable moments of the past year while doing the podcast. They have some laughs at the episodes that caught them by surprise and share some fun, behind the scenes memories. The girls then chat about ways parenting has changed and evolved over the past decade. Everything from grocery delivery to how Alexa is now becoming part of our family units! They also cover the rise of mommy bloggers & influencers and how things have evolved over the past 10 years. Do you agree that Instagram influencers carry the same celebrity status as a Hollywood celebrity??


There are just so many new things that have come about over the past 10 years. Ideas like ‘gender reveals’ - did you do one?! The girls each share their stories of how and if they did gender reveals. The conversation then leads to YouTube and Ryan’s Toy Review. What do you think about Ryan? Hear their take about how and why children everywhere are obsessed with him!


They wrap up the show with this week’s hits & misses.


Thanks so much for tuning in! Follow the girls on Instagram @themomvoicepodcast or find them at www.mom-voice.com for all details, saving codes and items mentioned throughout the show. New episodes released every Monday - so make sure to SUBSCRIBE! xo

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