Parental Burnout (What It Is & How to Deal)

Episode 179 November 07, 2022 00:51:13
Parental Burnout (What It Is & How to Deal)
The Mom Voice
Parental Burnout (What It Is & How to Deal)

Nov 07 2022 | 00:51:13


Show Notes

Nov. 7th, 2022 – In this week’s episode, Sarah kicks off the show sharing a new phrase she heard… “sittervising”. Have you heard of this? They have fun breaking down what sittervising means and share some of their thoughts on the topic. They then dive into post-pandemic burnout for parents – what it is and how it affects today’s parent. Sarah points out the pressure she feels to makeup for lost time, engaging in all the activities & trips with her children. They go over signs of burnout & share their own experiences throughout; recognizing how the pandemic changed us all to some degree. Sarah points out how much added stress the past 2 years has put on parents and the ladies share their personal experiences with how the pandemic affected them. Lauren shares how we all need mental health days when the burnout gets real and they remind the listener how important it is to pay attention to your mental health. They reflect on how they shared their pandemic parenting on the podcast but how people rarely address the fall out of it all. They then close out with with their hits and misses of the week, Lauren needing to improve her family meal prep and Sarah sharing her anniversary weekend!

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