How We Introduce "Scary" Movies to Our Kids

Episode 178 October 31, 2022 00:56:09
How We Introduce "Scary" Movies to Our Kids
The Mom Voice
How We Introduce "Scary" Movies to Our Kids

Oct 31 2022 | 00:56:09


Show Notes

Oct. 31st, 2022 – In this week’s episode, the ladies deliver a fun, spooky episode on this Halloween Monday. They share some of the moviess that scared them as kids & have fun looking back on those days – maybe you know a few!? They then jump into a discussion of how and when they started to approach scary or creepy things with their children. Giving the listener some ideas of when to introduce it & pointing out how it can really be specific for each child. They each have had a pretty different approach on this topic, Sarah being more guarded with scary content and Lauren showing age appropriate thrillers. They even chat about safe starter movies, sharing some age appropriate movies their kids have liked at each stage. They then close out the episode with their weekly hits and misses. Sarah sharing the beatdown that yardwork can be and Lauren loving the beautiful Arizona weather they’ve been having lately.

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