FaceApp, Back to School & Why Friendship Matters

July 22, 2019 00:52:34
FaceApp, Back to School & Why Friendship Matters
The Mom Voice
FaceApp, Back to School & Why Friendship Matters

Jul 22 2019 | 00:52:34


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Sarah Bones Lauren Willis

Show Notes

Jul. 21, 2019 – In this episode the girls reveal their 20th episode giveaway! They also chat about the new and trending FaceApp and how it’s taken the news world by storm. They chat a little TV and then discuss some back to school memories as they get ready to send their little ones back to school.

The importance of female friendships is discussed and why they matter to our psychology. The girls offer some tips and experiences on how to reconnect with old friends and seek out new friendships. They then wrap up with their hits and misses of the week. Thanks for all who entered the giveaway and congratulations to the winner!

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