Helping Your Kids Develop Quality Friendships

Episode 84 October 19, 2020 00:45:27
Helping Your Kids Develop Quality Friendships
The Mom Voice
Helping Your Kids Develop Quality Friendships

Oct 19 2020 | 00:45:27


Show Notes

Oct. 19, 2020 - In this week’s episode, the girls are chatting all about how quality friendships can be so beneficial for our children.  Sarah and Lauren dive into a conversation about the importance of social skills, and how parents are required to take an active role in the development of those qualities.  Especially with the younger ones, they discuss knowing how to make a friend and be a friend. Lauren and Sarah have always said how important their friends are to them, and how much they love spending time with them.

The ladies share ideas and specific things parents can do to help encourage their kids to meet new people and what parents can do to support developing friendships. Sometimes a parent’s efforts are required by hosting a playdate or helping them learn how to talk and conversate. They also share how they encourage their children to be mindful of who they are spending their time with and share some useful tips.

This naturally leads into teen talk - and the influence friends have in our children's lives. It’s a well-known fact that teens are greatly impacted by who they spend their time with. The girls discuss how crucial it is for parents to encourage good friendships and to be aware of when your teen is in a destructive or less-appealing friendship.

They discuss how important parenting is in the young, fundamental years and how it will help their children find quality friendships in the future. Lauren and Sarah are a few years off from this stage but can recall on their own teen years - both having great friends that helped them do good!! 

They then close the show with their weekly hits and misses!  Sarah shares her hit of her daughter completing her first chapter book and Lauren’s miss of Gus escaping the backyard! Tune in to see how it worked out. 

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