Card Fraud, Reality TV & How to Deal When You Want to Scream!

Episode 172 August 29, 2022 00:59:13
Card Fraud, Reality TV & How to Deal When You Want to Scream!
The Mom Voice
Card Fraud, Reality TV & How to Deal When You Want to Scream!

Aug 29 2022 | 00:59:13


Show Notes

Aug. 29th, 2022 – In this week’s episode, Sarah & Lauren kick off the convo with some important information about card fraud at ATMs & gas stations. Sarah learned a lot from the FBI at a recent conference she attended and came home ready to warn and educate. They then branch into TV talk and embark on a major tangent involving reality TV. Do you know when the first reality show aired? They run it down here. The ladies then get to the main subject of the episode where they discuss ways to manage stress and how to deal when you have those overwhelming mom-feels. They point out important areas of self care and provide lots of useful tips to mothers who might be in the depths of a hard period in their parenting journey. This also leads into another tangent involving PMS & all the things. They close the episode with their weekly hits & misses – Sarah sharing how the flu hit her house and Lauren loving the Arizona monsoons.

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