Best of “The Bachelor” & Listener Questions Answered

Episode 65 June 08, 2020 00:57:21
Best of “The Bachelor” & Listener Questions Answered
The Mom Voice
Best of “The Bachelor” & Listener Questions Answered

Jun 08 2020 | 00:57:21


Show Notes

Jun. 8, 2020 - In this episode, the girls have fun answering some questions from listeners. But first, they kick off the episode with the comeback of Monday night TV! Excited for the Bachelor's Best Seasons Ever, they go over their favorite Bachelor and Bachelorettes - in addition to some of their favorite couples and funny moments!

 They then spend the bulk of the show answering a few questions they received from listeners. Some of those include how to make adult friends, how they knew they were done having children, what Sarah does for work and more! It's a fun and lighthearted conversation! 

They then finish up with their hits and misses of the week… Lauren getting older and all the aches and pains that come with that and Sarah's 3 year old being a full on swimmer! 

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