Baby Blues & Beyond: Adjusting Post-Baby and Knowing the Warning Signs of PPD

Episode 46 January 27, 2020 00:44:46
Baby Blues & Beyond: Adjusting Post-Baby and Knowing the Warning Signs of PPD
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Baby Blues & Beyond: Adjusting Post-Baby and Knowing the Warning Signs of PPD

Jan 27 2020 | 00:44:46


Show Notes

Jan. 27, 2020 – In this episode the girls start off by sharing some eye catching headlines! Lauren tells of a mega Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston encounter while Sarah shares a heroic Dad’s encounter with a coyote! This leads into a tragic headline involving an Arizona mother who was arrested on accounts of killing her three young children.

Sarah opens up the discussion of postpartum depression pointing out that it often begins with “baby blues”. Lauren shares her brief experience with baby blues with her first baby and the ladies then talk about all of the emotions and adjustments that come with having a baby. Then diving more in to postpartum, Sarah shares the warning signs and symptoms and when you should seek help.

Closing out this episode, they share their hits of diet success and imaginative play, while their misses include brushing the kids’ teeth and a high gas bill!!

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Speaker 1 00:00:09 Hey guys, welcome to the mom place. This is Lauren and Sarah with episode four, the sex. Okay, Lauren, I just heard the most bizarre coming over here. Like to record this on the radio, one hate. You're going to die. I'm going to tell you in just a minute. Okay. Before I do, let me just take a moment to welcome everybody. Thanks for being here with us. If you don't mind and you enjoy the show, please go and leave us a rating and a review wherever you listen, we would really appreciate it. Speaker 2 00:00:38 And then also make sure you are subscribing. So you are here for all of our new content. Um, and then as always, you can find us on Instagram, mainly at the mom boys podcast. Okay. We are going to jump in to, well, let me give you the breakdown of what we're doing on this survey. Yeah. Okay. We have some news stories really that just like have to be talked about. Um, like I said, I heard a super bizarre one and I'm dying to tell Lauren about it. She has not heard this one yet, so I I'm keeping it fresh. Yeah, I'm dying. And then, um, one of the new stories actually has to do heartbreakingly with a mother here in Arizona. Um, who recently, um, I hate to even say this, but killed her three children. Um, a young mom, 22 years old. And it got me to thinking about baby blues and postpartum depression and like all those things. And so this episode, we're just going to kind of talk a little bit about that too. Like warning signs, what to look for, who experiences it, that type of thing. And then, um, as always, we're going to wrap up with our hits and misses of the week. Perfect. Okay. But before we get started, Lauren has a little, um, Speaker 3 00:01:52 Yeah, I know we were talking about this. We just had a fun idea that we wanted to have a segment and episode on our most mortifying mom moments. And so we want you guys to write in and share just some moments that like, we all have them and some of them might be more recent than others, but we all have had just some terrifying, horrible, embarrassing moment. You wish you could erase from your memory, but you can't. I mean, probably child-related maybe not. I don't know, but just if you want or would please share, you can, DMS will probably put on Instagram and mention this and, you know, have a, some reminders throughout the week, but DMS right. As it will for sure. Be anonymous. Yeah, absolutely. Right. We do not need to mention you anything about you, but we just kind of want to share in some laughs in some, and maybe you can laugh at yourself when you know, it's totally anonymous. Speaker 3 00:02:49 Every mom can probably relate to these crazy things. We will take them to the grave. We promise, just thought like, Oh my gosh, how hilarious if we could all just like we have them. Oh my gosh. And it would just be kind of a fun, just a fun, yeah. A total cool episode, just to kind of laugh at ourselves and just think of the crazy things we deal with. If it's poop or throw up or hormones or periods, all the things it's just nightmares and just things that we've all experienced. So when you wigged out at your husband threw a plate against the wall, or, you know, whatever, totally in the middle of the grocery store, like who even knows. So please share. I mean, that's just an invitation to you. We would love to spice up our episode with your story. So please share a hundred percent. Speaker 3 00:03:33 So if you have one and you're thinking of it right now, press pause, jump over to Instagram, DMS story, and then come back and listen to the rest. And again, we promise completely anonymous. Absolutely. It would be a good time. So thanks a hundred percent. Okay. Tell me what you were gonna tell me about the sag awards. Oh yeah. I was asking you if you had seen the whole Jen, Jen Anniston, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt encounter at the sag awards. It's kind of all the rage on just like different like media sites and Instagram, but like, it was just this like, okay. Let's just like reel back a few years. Not a few, a long time. I guess what I know crazy been 20 years, I remember the day the news drop that they were getting divorced. They were Hollywood's golden couple and I was legit like sad. So depressed. Like I was like, no, I know where I was. I was in best buy. When my mom like came and told me she saw the magazine at the check stand. Speaker 3 00:04:33 I was, I should, because I just remember reading and buying all the magazines and just being so depressed about it being like, no. And I mean, I will admit there was something kind of like exotic, mysterious, exciting about him and Angelina, but no, Brad and Jen were just iconic. And I was so sad when that day came. So anyways, sag awards were aired last week and they both won for best actor and actress. I think supporting act. I know that he was in, what was she? She was in the morning show. It's this new Apple TV show with Reese Witherspoon. And so she she's been getting a lot of raves on that. And so they both won and it just, well first starts off with like, he got his award first. So then she got her award and she was just like, so over the moon, just so just shocked and delighted. Speaker 3 00:05:25 And he, it shows him people had recorded and got pictures of him just going backstage and then seeing it was her and he stopped and he just stared and watched her speech and just like smiled and chuckled and was just like, yes, you know, Jen. And so then she came off the stage and there's this picture where he grabs her wrist. And like, she turns around and looks at him and it's like this frozen, frozen caption of him just carving your arm. And they're both smiling and laughing. And then she goes over and hugs him and it was just like this moment we all wanted and all needed. And now I'm just like, please, please. They're they're both single again. They both, I don't know. Did she ever marry Justin? She married him. They're both divorced now. I mean, weirder things have happened. I don't know. Speaker 3 00:06:07 They're just both so dreamy. So it was just precious. Like you need to go see it like again, because I loved them so much. It was just like, Oh, closure, everyone was just dying over it. And I mean, it's so exciting that they both won because they're so famous and so popular, but yet they're not, there's not many. I know, you know, they're not dumb. Get them any statues or awards or anything. I can not get over Brad Pitt one out of all his like beautiful victories and moments and movies all is awesome for once upon a time. And he's awesome. And he was, but his role was just so like, it was dirty and he was weird and I thought he was so good. I yet I'll put me on legends of the fall pike club seven, all these crazy films he's been in and he's so good. And it's hard to beat hot, Brad. Let's get, I know Brad is Brad man. Oh my God. Brad. He'll he'll live on for me. Yeah, no. T tell me this crazy story though. I'm dying here. Speaker 2 00:07:10 Oh my gosh. Yeah. Okay. I'm going to actually pull up the news article just to make sure I get it right. Um, hold on, hold on, hold on. Uh, hold on. Hold on. I'm getting there. I'm getting there. Okay. Here. Are you ready? Are you ready for the headline? Yeah. Dad kills coyote with bare hands after it attacks his child in New Hampshire girl. Listen to this story. Are you ready? Yeah. Are you ready for this? I'm ready yet. Oh my gosh. I was dying this dad of three, three. And so they have three children. Him and his wife are walking in a park and they have a New Hampshire. Well, we have an Arizona cause we're a desert. They're a desert dog. They are New Hampshire is like all plushing green. That's shocking. They have an angry down dead coyote. Just go, keep going, keep so turns out this dog had already bitten a woman and like tried and like hit a vehicle or something. He was like crazy. Apparently he goes up to his son like bites on his coat. And the dad kicks him really hard in the face and is able to get on top of him. And for five minutes, chokes him out with his knee and his like throat of the coyote and like choked him down for five minutes and kills the freaking coyote. Bare handed. Speaker 3 00:08:28 That's bad, easy ass right there. And this is like, not like, Oh, UFC looking dad. This is like your dad. God, I'm an it dad. You know what I mean? Yeah. I was dying. I'm like, wait a minute. What? And then the question goes, huh? What? We'll see. Okay. That's the thing just crazy enough, because as you said it, like, not that, that wasn't shocking that like, I was really building grilled things in my mind, but straight up, I like could see George doing something by church you're George is Mike's level wilderness. No, I know he is a wilderness, but like I could see the adrenaline in him. If it was a threat to a kid, like he would a coyote, like a Wolf next level. They're big. And they're way more like ferocious, but at coyote, like, I feel like we've had enough experiences with co coyotes here that if need be, he could do something crazy like that. Oh my God. I know that is like nuts. Good for him. That dad. Wow. That's like dying. That's crazy. Um, I need, I need Jeremy to listen to this. Oh my God. And to like evaluate where he's at in his life. And like, if he needs to go to the gym, I'm kidding baby. Oh my goodness. That's like crazy. Well, and they were Speaker 2 00:09:40 Viewing him and he's like, I don't know. You're like fight or flight mentality. Just kind of kicks in my child. He was like biting at my child. Like of course I had to take him down and blah, blah. I was like, wow. Wow. I literally did a proverbial. Double-take Speaker 3 00:09:55 Right, right, right. I'm dying. Good job. Crazy. Yeah. Good job dad. Speaker 2 00:10:00 Um, okay. Well the next news story of the week, which is horrible. Again, I just hate even talking about this on our fun show here. I know. But um, I feel like there's been cases throughout my lifetime where we've kind of heard of the same thing. Yeah. There was one really popular one in Texas years ago. I think her name was Andrea something. Andrea Yates. Maybe. Do you remember that name? Speaker 3 00:10:26 Yeah. Baby. She's the one who drown them. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Speaker 2 00:10:31 Yeah. I think she was like a really famous one for some reason. I'm associating that to this story anyway. Okay. So, um, two days ago here in Arizona, the news broke early in the morning that a mother 22 years old had, um, ended the life of her three children and they were three years old and younger. So there was a three year old boy. And then, um, two girls under that with the youngest being seven months, I think so sad. So sad. Um, I was following this like first thing, like I, again, I'm, I'm clearly getting old. I listened to late news radio, like all day long. It's horrible. No, but I can tell I'm getting all trust me. And I heard it like first thing when I was headed to work in the morning and then they didn't know a lot of details. And as the day progressed, like more and more kept coming out. Speaker 2 00:11:23 She had just moved from Oklahoma, um, here to Arizona. So probably alone didn't have a lot of family. Um, I was just telling you three kids at 22. I can't even write like, that's I? And I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm not justifying it at all. But I literally think to myself, like how, how, like how active pregnancies dealing with yeah. Three, three littles. And so you literally have to think to yourself, or maybe you have hope like it has to be mental illness, right? Like for a mother to be able to do that to her children. Like don't you think it has to be like, has to be mentally ill. Absolutely. Now, I mean, these are things, these are behaviors and thoughts that are beyond, you know, just normal comprehension. Like you just can't fathom that. And especially a woman, your natural love and instinct and mother instinct, mothering, you know, sameness. Speaker 2 00:12:22 So for those extreme opposites to come in, it has to be a like mental breakdown, literally a hundred percent. And so I was, um, when I was listening to the news, they mentioned this thing that I had never heard of before. And it's called, um, postpartum depression, psychosis. Have you ever heard of that? No, not till you had mentioned it. Okay. Psychosis. Yeah. So that is like an extreme case of postpartum depression and that's where they start having like psychotic episodes. So hallucinate, like hallucinating voices are telling them things, crazy mood swings, like bipolar behavior. Um, but it comes a week after they give birth. Like it's very like onset due to their delivery. It's crazy. And so makes me think of the story. I kind of mentioned to you before kind of a similar story, but it was, um, even suicide. This mother of five in Utah, this was like three or four years ago. Speaker 2 00:13:23 Um, Emily Cook, I don't know how to say this Dyches dykes. Um, she had had a panic attack and so her father-in-law took her on a drive like out of the home and away from the kids for a little bit to calm down. And she just opened on the interstate, opened the car door, jumped out and jumped right in front of a semi. And so in died. And again, you can have an, and this was about a year after her last child having five kids. Clearly she was in a state of postpartum depression and the husband has since, you know, come forward and said she had been struggling, but never like thought it could be severe. And, um, and yeah, and he has like very much made an effort to like bring awareness to this subject because you know, people think, Oh, you know, they're just having a hard time adjusting, but like you said, it's, it's, we're talking a next level. Speaker 2 00:14:17 There's like an extremist here. That is so, so scary. Right. Hundred percent. So I think I wanted to say well, but it goes into that almost all of the cases that I was able to research where the mom has committed, like this act, they have classified them, almost all of them as having this postpartum psychosis. Yes. Um, and it's a very, very rare, like, you know, segment of the women who have it. And I think you're kind of genetically loaded the ones who do, and a lot of them are drug users and there's other things that go into it that kind of contribute, you know, and even the mother here in Arizona, they found out like she was a drug user or had been in the past and by drugs, I mean like illegal meth and things like <inaudible> and things like that. Um, so I think there's like other factors that amplify the postpartum behavior and like the mood swings and all the crazy stuff, which can lead to this. Speaker 2 00:15:17 But I a hundred percent like with what your story just said, I kind of felt like, Oh my gosh, I feel like we need to do our little part to bring awareness to just like postpartum and baby blues and what it is. And if you're a new mom kind of the signs and the symptoms and like how it can come on, like so quickly, you know what I mean? Yeah. I really can. Did you have baby blues? I don't remember. Honestly. I feel like I did after my first trust and I had, I, it was definitely just baby blues. I'd never gotten to a stage of postpartum, but I remember the first few weeks of just adjusting. And I do think this is mostly common, fairly common. Most of us do this a hundred percent and I think we don't kind of step back and just recognize it and kind of give us that grace period where like thinking let's dive into it, be a perfect mom already. Speaker 2 00:16:07 But I think it's just the adjusting. I remember like I dreaded the nights because the nights are so hard and lonely and up every hour and exhausting and it was dark. And it's just like, I remember those first few months, like dreading the nighttime, like, you know, you're just recovering, you're exhausted. And every time that like, you know, sun started to set, I was like, no, not again. I just, I just, I remember, and I can vividly remember, like in the first month they might even been the first two to three weeks. I think like my mom had brought us dinner and I just remember sitting there and just crying for no reason, you know what I mean? And being like, Oh, you know, and I remember my mom saying, I know sometimes you think like, what did I just do? I just changed my whole life. Speaker 2 00:16:49 Like, why why'd I do this? Like, what am I going to, how I do this, but it's normal and it's just gradual and you phase out of it and it gets easier and just, you know, take it in stride. I mean, Easterner percent said than done, but you try. Um, and yes, you just described it perfectly, but the symptoms for baby blues and it usually comes on a few days after baby's born and it usually only lasts for a couple of weeks, maybe three, um, kind of when you get your feet wet and get your survival mode. But essentially like the main symptoms, if you kind of find yourself in these is like mood swings. So you'll be like elated and in love with baby. And then you'll go to feeling like sad and overwhelmed and, you know, just having like crazy mood swings and then having anxiety, which you just described about nighttime. Speaker 2 00:17:40 Like, Oh, not again. I don't want to do like anticipation. Totally. Um, sadness, obviously irritability, and let's be real. That's all the hormones raging through your body. Yeah. I think post-baby hormones are the worst. It's a trip and it gets worse with each child. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Um, another symptom is just feeling overwhelmed and crying. Like you said, um, reduced concentration and appetite problems. And they said you can either not be eating enough or overeating to compensate like emotionally, you know? Um, and so I, I'd never thought of myself as having baby blues, but with my first Kate, I can remember like the first couple of weeks, well, mine was very much brought on by like breast breastfeeding and not writing it and being so frustrated and just crying my eyes out and it hurt and all the things. And she was not a very, um, she wasn't a natural sleeper. Speaker 2 00:18:43 I I've kind of talked about this, but like I did not read one sleeping parenting book prior to giving birth. Like Kate, I did not prepare for at all. I think I kind of went into it. Like, I'll just know what to do. Like I, and I know most of us did just crazy. Yeah. And then I kind of, it was like day after day of her not sleeping, or I remember more her wanting to be held all the time. Like me never getting a moment alone or light trying to vacuum. But I was having to like where her, you know, over time, like my husband worked really long hours. I had just quit my job. I was feeling like so alone. And over time it just became like, Oh my gosh, like too much. And that's when I did start like seeking help in the form of like, there's gotta be answers out there to figure out, you know what I mean? Speaker 2 00:19:38 And so I literally started reading like all the books, but I just wanted to say, like, I think it's so normal for every mom. Yes. Especially every first time I think. Yeah. And I think first time, because the second go and third goal, like it wasn't nearly that bad and you kind of know what you're doing, you know, what to expect, but when you don't know what to expect and it's your first time, you're just kind of like winging it. And you're just in, there's so much hormones and pain and tiredness that go with it. That it's just hard, so hard to process it, not to mention like, and I'm sorry, this is going to be like the Venus and me coming out. But I've, I've sat on many episodes before I gained a lot of weight with my first child, my 65 pounds with Kate. And I can remember after having her just feeling so out of place in my body. Yeah. Like I didn't have a baby inside of me anymore yet. I'm left with 40, 45 extra pounds here. Like, and feeling like, so like in like, well, I kind of, instead of getting like, super sad about it, it more motivated me to like kick it gear. But, Speaker 3 00:20:48 But I definitely just felt like out of plate, like, it was a weird feeling, not in my body. It's different when you have a baby in there. Right. Cause you're like, I'm going to justify it. Speaker 2 00:20:58 But then it's like, all of a sudden baby comes out and it's like, you have to deal. And it's like, Oh my gosh. So there's just so many things that go into it, you know? Um, so postpartum, I mean, what do you know about postpartum? Have you you've never really experienced, Speaker 3 00:21:14 Uh, no, I never have, I've had one sister experience it and I mean, honestly not many friends that I know closely. I like kind of knew of some situations, but nothing like, I really experienced with the friend close friend, but yeah. I just, I know that it's like definitely more extreme and more depression involved in day to day. And then, um, yeah, where it's almost like, I think there's some resentment towards baby and like, it's hard to help the baby and you're feeling so down. I mean, I guess you tell me, yeah, no. Speaker 2 00:21:49 Why went to reading about it? And I was like, curious how, how common it is. I wasn't really sure on how common again, kind of like you I've, I've never had postpartum. Um, I've shared in past episodes. I had really bad like depression in my teens that I got treatment for and everything. And so my mom was always really high on high alert throughout all my pregnancies. Cause you have a very high likelihood to get it is sure if you've had like, well, you know, like depression in the past. And so I, my mom was always like checking in or I knew she was kind of watching, you know, but thankfully I never really had it pop up again. But, um, yeah, it says approximately 70 to 80% of women will experience baby blues. So that's a stat. Okay. Um, and then it says that clinical postpartum among new mothers is between 10 and 20%. Speaker 2 00:22:52 So, um, I didn't find the stat for like, not your first child like that same way, but it equates to about 600,000 cases in the U S while here. So I mean, it's definitely happening out there. And then when you get to like the psychosis thing I was talking about, it's super rare. And it's like, not even we're talking about here because I think you have to have a whole lot of things going on. It's literally like the 1%. Yeah, yeah, exactly. But some things like postpartum, I just wanted to say, if you have like a friend or a family member or yourself even who's, um, in pregnant or getting pregnant or whatever things to kind of watch for, um, and just kind of be on alert are excessive crying. And like we said, like severe mood swings. So one minute they're happy. One minute they don't want to talk to you. Speaker 2 00:23:48 They're not texting you back. Like that type of thing. Um, like you said, difficulty bonding with the baby. Yeah. Um, they don't feel like that instant connection. It's a lot harder for them. Um, a huge one, which is common across like all depression is withdrawing from family and friends. And I think this is a huge indicator and it's one that can easily be picked up on if people are paying attention. So if you find that your friend's sister or whatever, or yourself, even you're starting to like withdrawal and be like, Oh no, I don't want to go meet for lunch or no, I don't want them to come over or no, I don't want to see her today. Like you need to pick up on those signs and force yourself or raise your hand and say, Oh, something might be going on here. Like, you know what I mean? Speaker 2 00:24:36 Totally. Um, the other thing is like sleeping. You either can't sleep or you're sleeping too much. And people with depression know this there, the sleeping is crazy. And like, when I was going through mine, it was too much. I just wanted to be asleep like all the time. I mean, right. Um, and then you just have like an overwhelming fear or overwhelming feeling of like hopelessness and, and things like that. So it's like all of your common depression symptoms, it's just on top of having the baby. And then you add in a huge responsibility you add in like the bonding and all of that stuff. So I guess just kind of wanted to put it out there. Like if you know, you're a friend or a sister, like I said, just kind of be on the lookout and know that everybody's susceptible to this all women it's, there's no like, you know, list of symptoms or things you've had in the past or genetics or anything like that. Speaker 2 00:25:37 Like from what I understand and what I read, like it's got to do with hormones going on, it's got to do with like different emotional issues you're dealing with from, um, anxiety to, you know, feeling less attractive to maybe you're finding your new, normal with your spouse or your spouses, not around enough. And you have resentment towards him. There's just a whole lot of things going on. It's like a whole complex thing that you can't really pin down. But, um, yeah, just wanted to say to anybody who might be going through it and is hearing this right now, there is just absolutely no shame with getting help. Like at all. I, like I said, I am a huge advocate for mental health and the whole profession. Um, I just think like, it just makes me so sad when I see somebody who struggles with it for a really long time. I just want to say like there's help and there's resources, tools. Yes. There are and go get them, like why I'm living proof that you can have a good life. No, I know depression, my, um, Speaker 2 00:26:45 With her postpartum, she, she got on some medicine and it helped her, you know? And like you do have such a huge responsibility and there's so much, you know, really expected out of you. And on top of that, managing all of it, uh, you need what you, the help you can get. But when you change your thinking of, okay, I'm just flawed or I'm not enough, or I can change it, I can overcome this. Right. Because sometimes no matter how bad you want it, you can't do it by yourself. It's literally a chemical thing sometimes. And like, it's like trying to say like, you want to lose weight when your thyroid doesn't work. Right. Like there's no way you're going to lose weight when you don't have a thyroid work against the wall. For sure. Sometimes you just have to adjust those chemicals a little bit and it's not forever. They can replenish and get normal again. And you're good to go. So, um, anyway, we love you all. And we know it's a very real thing. Looking back on those early years now. Oh yeah. I'm just like, we haven't had a friend today. We were just talking about this subject. I mean, not about pose pardon, but just feeling like overwhelmed and just in the thick of it and just saying to her, like this too shall pass. Speaker 3 00:28:01 No, I mean, I w yeah, we were just saying, I feel like when you're in the thick of it, and you just have a bunch of little ones or two to three at home, two in diapers, like whatever it may be, it's like almost are survival every single day, a hundred percent. You know, I was fortunate enough to be stayed home mom and not have that extra responsibility of job or whatnot. So my primary focus was the kids, but, and, you know, not everyone's that situation, but I mean, it was just like taking the little small victories each day and like, and just like, Oh my gosh, it's nap time. They're all sleeping at once. Like a small miracle. I have to mop and do the dishes, but I'm just going to lay on the couch and watch my show. Like, you almost like, just have to reward yourself those little moments, because it's like, they're just there. Speaker 3 00:28:51 They're constant. And it's every day and you feel like you're drowning and you just want to stay on top of it. And when you just have those little victories, and if it's friends getting out and being with friends and you're having a play date and wearing the kids out and just having other moms to talk to, that's like huge and so important. And so is getting a diet Coke and go to that drive through and treat yourself how many drive throughs do we go through in the early years? Oh my gosh. I just remember it was like the highlight of my day to get in the car. Yes. Everyone was strapped down. No one could be touching, grabbing, yelling at me or each other, and I could go get what I wanted. Like, I liked it. I lived for that. Speaker 2 00:29:34 Tell me be honest. Would you drive two miles out of the way to go to a drive through to get a date? Speaker 3 00:29:40 Oh, of course. I remember Speaker 2 00:29:42 Too, just because it would be like, I remember at the time, like, it's kind of really before, like the Amazon really kicked in. I mean, Amazon's been around, but before I really got into like roam line shopping for me, it was these consignment, like pages I'd be on. And, you know, we were, money's tighter than two and I would just really be on a budget and I would like find something I wanted and I would drive 25, 30 minutes to go pick it up, half the price, just to be in the car, kids like, Oh, I did that all the time or new like toys for the kids or new, you know, new use Nike's for this one or whatever, whatever it was. But I remember that was like my thing when they were little and I just did all the time and I would just drive around. Speaker 2 00:30:24 And it probably like, by the time all the guests, he was spent probably didn't send me much money, but it was like the principal and it kept me sane. And we got out and I like loving her percent. There is something about the car in the early days. There's something about car seat, get in line. Then when they go to sleep, fall asleep in the club, it's like, it's like, freedom. Totally. You're like, I will get a burrito in the drive through line and eat it in the car. You're just like, Oh, just, I just would do such crazy things. And those I'm trying to, because my Kate, she was like such a sensitive sleeper in the car seat and she would never transfer. I can remember she would kind of wake up when I would take my foot off the gas. Like if she didn't hear like the engine, Oh my gosh, your stoplights. I would put it in neutral and like rev my car. Speaker 3 00:31:14 Oh, Sarah sleeping guru would be so ashamed of you. Who were you? Then? This was before you Speaker 2 00:31:25 I'm just kidding. This was before sleep training, but I'm just like, thinking back to all the crazy things I did to get my child asleep back then. Oh my gosh. Yeah. We're just like crawling, literally crawling out of the bedroom. Yeah. Army crawling. So they wouldn't see nor hear you. And you're just like, please wake up. Oh my gosh, we've all done it. It's just so there's a better way people are, is it's called baby wise. Speaker 3 00:31:51 Not a no. We live and learn. Speaker 2 00:31:53 They lived and learned, okay, well, let's get going on our hits and misses for the, for the episode. What was your hip of the week? Speaker 3 00:32:02 My hit is I have not had like a piece of bread or a piece of like dessert sugar, like sugary dessert, sweet for two weeks. And I almost didn't know I had this in me. I really liked shocked Sarah and I are both doing a really healthy regimen since the new year. And we're motivating each other and it's felt really good. And I finally can like really step back and recognize, wow, we like, we're doing this to learn that carbs and sugar are the devil or the devil. Let's be real. Dang it. And then the devil is good. The devil tastes good. I so good. Oh, I know I liked was literally making peanut butter and jelly for like just school lunches today. And I'm just like, no, I just took, I took peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for granted. I love them. I love them too. Speaker 3 00:32:54 And my husband gets like grossed out. I, Oh, I love him too. Yeah. Like I know you eat them all the time and I could too, like, I could eat them for lunch every day, like on a good piece of bread. Like I love it, but I just sit and talk about carbs and sugar know, but I know we're not doing this for long. We're literally just doing like a quick trying to reset our body, reset our metabolisms and we're doing it and we're feeling good. And so yeah. Getting some results. We've had to talk each other down a little. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. She's rolling her eyes. Speaker 3 00:33:25 Put the bread a hundred percent. Okay. Well my hit of the week, um, and I will call this like a legit hit, cause I've always wanted one, but I noticed this week for the first time, my Luke, who's going to be three in April. He is an imaginative player. Yes. You talking about this? Yeah. Have I talked about it? No, no. You're telling me, I'm excited about, it's been like really noticeable this week. Like four hours, Lauren hours. He will just like, have like a Spiderman and an iron man and they're playing and they're in scenes and like, he's moving from spot to spot. And like, he's just in his head, like making up these stories in these, he's talking with them and all fighting and blah, blah, blah. And it's just the best thing ever. Yeah. It's adorable. Adorable. But like, and then it's like, so entertained. Speaker 3 00:34:21 Yes. Appreciated. I'm just like, why did my other two not do this? Right. And I know I tried it. This happened. I tried to think like why some are more prone to then than others. And I don't know. I do think being a third child, like I think like they've learned to like kind of almost fend for them, for themselves, like manage themselves and deal and like, and so, I mean, it's funny, my Kayla being the youngest it today, actually, I honestly, he was kind of doing some like building and playing and making garages and houses. I don't really, it's very rare that I hear him making them talk and like interact with each other. But once in awhile she is probably more so than any of my others and it's pretty mild, but that is so great that Luke is doing that. And it's so sweet to see I'm so like in love with it. Speaker 3 00:35:11 And it's like, yes, free entertainment. Like, just go for it. You have so many toys go play with the dang toys. I know. And so I think I've talked about this before, but my middle child, Landon, he's gotten into Legos lately. Right. And, um, Luke started playing with his leg, like the RD built ones, like the cars. He started playing with the Legos like two days ago. And so I was like, Lukey, you want to go get some Legos for, for Lukey? And he was like, so excited. Oh, so they make those Duplo like they go runs. Yeah. Yeah. And so he, I'm not Lauren. I like mind blown that a two and a half year old can play like this. He sat and worked on that Duplo. I'm not kidding for two hours this afternoon. That is so I am not kidding. And I'm literally saying this in like shock and awe, I, I don't know what has happened. Speaker 3 00:36:01 What stars have aligned, maybe it's God have mercy on me. Cause my husband's out of town this week. I don't know. But I'm just like, Holy crap. What's going on? That is so awesome. I know, I love that. As I look at my, my nieces and nephews on one side, they're all imaginative players. Right. Like all of them really, and most of them. Yeah. And I can remember always looking them and being like, how do I do that? How do I get those kids? And I don't know. I don't know. I guess it's just like, yeah. Their nature. More of like their creative side. I don't know. Interesting. Okay. Well now I've said that. That's awesome. Yeah, no, I'm excited. What is your miss of the week? Minus? I feel like is kind of just my kids and they're like, I guess I hate to say this, but like kind of their teeth, like I just feel like their teeth, like, I just feel like we are so off our game with like our brushing and our floss scene. Speaker 3 00:36:58 And like, I know that I was not like the prime example of like every night getting in there and brushing their teeth really well. And you know, now they're of age that they can be doing it themselves and we are not consistent enough and it's not twice a day. Like it should be. And I just feel like I'm feeling on it. And when they get these adult teeth, now that they older three have all lost a few teas. It's funny. Like they like color. They all color yellow differently. And I've heard that the, the baby teeth are called like milk teeth. They're just naturally whiter than like teeth. They have like this sheen to them, like this light you could have probably never brushed don't brush your teeth for a month. And they look the exact same percent. Whereas they feel like with these like adult teeth creeping in, it's like you miss a night. Speaker 3 00:37:44 And it's like, not nice. The next day. I'm like, Oh honey, we gotta be brushing. And now I'm like, let me get in there and scrub violence. And I'm just like, we've got to be better on this. So I actually finally like booked up there. I checked, got their checkups booked in. Like, we need to go, just get a good, deep clean and check them out. But I'm just like, dang. Like I thought, like coasting through and they just like pick it up, but they're just like not being consistent enough. And I know that sounds like so terrible and so gross. And we know so many dentists and they're probably like shaking their heads at me. Oh my God. It's like, we've got to up our game. I think it's like, every mom is nodding like yep. 200% now, anyways, tell me this. Do you use like electrical or manual manual? We have brought, we have bought them cold ones, like yeah. Over time. And like, I don't know. They like were there and the batteries died and then their grills come away. So it's like, but yeah, Speaker 2 00:38:42 It's a hundred percent. I know. We just do like the manual thing too. And I know, I wish she would just like take initiative with it, but it's like, I do have to remind her and she'll do it when I remind her. But it's like, uh, yeah. Speaker 3 00:38:54 I don't even know if they're getting the job done. Like, I feel like now I'm like, okay, I really need to be like on it. You think about putting it in the shower and just done it a few times in the shower. We'll pass it to him in the shower and you're brushing and I don't, I don't, I think that's great. But like making it part of your shower routine, like especially at night times and stuff. I, yeah, no, I think that's a great idea because it's like guaranteed. It's all. How many times do I have to wipe the freaking toothpaste off the sink? We're half the tube is in the sink and I just want to rage and every day, and I just grabbed the sink like the day before, and it's just covered and gross with toothpaste again. Or they get it like drip it down their dress shirt for another shirt for the morning dress. And I'm just like, really? So I'm like, so over all that. So like a shower is actually super smart. I'm going to share something Speaker 2 00:39:43 Totally disgusting. And I don't even care. I don't have shame because maybe it'll actually help somebody, but I make my kids do all the spitting in the toilet. Speaker 3 00:39:53 Oh, they don't use the seat. Yeah. No, that's a good idea. I'm like, don't touch the toilet, but just the toilet. Cause like it's disgusting anyway. That's totally with a four year old who pees and my who never flushes the freaking toilet. Like I'm like, no, don't mess my sink up. Go spit in the, in the, yeah. So they do it in the toilet. Oh my gosh. That's kind of, no, I don't think it's gross. That's smart. I like it. It's great. I hope they don't. I feel like my kids still have to rinse and stuff, so they're still like hanging over the scene. So I go spit in the toilet to the water. Like they'll come get the water in the sink and they'll go. Okay, cool. And I'm like kinda mortified thinking. They might go to someone's house one day and do no like, no, why not? You're so right. But it's on their level. We have like high ceilings. And so it kind of started out as like, well, just go spit in there. I've got the camera up right now. Right. And then it just Speaker 2 00:40:46 Kind of stuck. So anyway. Okay. Well my hit is what was my Oh yeah, yeah. Oh, this was a miss. Um, so a few, it was like last week. I don't remember what it was for. We had our fire pit on, um, outside and it's hooked to gas and um, I know first world problems, right? Like, Oh, complaining about your fire pit. But anyway, we left it on for approximately like three hours longer than we should. Like we had been using it. We went inside and the flames turned down, but the gas is still on your window. They were still on it. I was just like distracted. We all came inside, people left and I was like, Oh crap. I need to go turn it off. I turned it off. Um, I got Speaker 3 00:41:33 My gas bill today. Um, $300 higher than it was last month. No dead serious learning. No. Yes. For three hours at the fire pelt extra hours. So maybe what does that mean extra. So you ran it for like six hours. We ran it for an hour and a half. So that was like four and a half hours plus all of my normal. Yeah. It was a real, you're telling me to run your fire pit because it's on gas and I don't even really know all that, but it's run, it costs almost a hundred bucks an hour to run. I don't know. I'm telling you, that's what it was that maybe it was other charges. Now that you're saying that you should be charges maybe, or maybe you did something else. Additionally, like extra, because that just sounds crazy. I'm wondering if I didn't turn it off at all. Speaker 3 00:42:21 Like if I didn't turn it down enough, all the media ran all night or something like just till I used it next. You know what I mean? Yeah. Cause we've been using it a lot lately, so maybe I shut it off and it ran for two days until you turned it on again, because I know it's not that expensive. It can't be, no one would have a fire pit if it was that much. Oh my gosh. You're so right. That's crazy though. That's crazy though. Poor thing to pay 300 extra bucks for what? Geez. Oh, I was so beat down by it and like so annoyed at those things. No, but my brain's like really turning now. I wonder if like I need to put in some extra step to like make sure it's or sometimes you can look at like the activity and stuff and I don't know how I'm trying to even think. Speaker 3 00:43:04 I know some houses don't even use gas. I'm trying to think we right. But yeah. Your water heater, usually the water heater you scout typically, but maybe there's some way to show you something like look at the bill again. He's okay. That hurts my head. But I know. But just being like, when you left your water on totally annoying leak and you can't find the leak, like we had a leak in our front yard, under a pipe in the grass. Thankfully it wasn't too far back. My husband had to dig it out. But if he would not have realized the grass was like slushy over there, like that could around that leak could have ran for days and days and days we could have had hundreds of dollars bill like extra it's crazy. Send us your leak stories. It's crazy. In addition to your, um, what was it? Speaker 3 00:43:46 What did we call it? Lauren. Oh, ho mortified. Mortified mom moments. Yes. Yes. Share with us your mortifying moments like writing guys. We really want to know them right now. Yes. Stop the episode. Go DMS. Your mortifying moment. We want to hear him. Totally. And it will be anonymous. Okay. Um, we hope you guys all have an awesome week. We will be back with a new episode on Monday. And like I already mentioned, if you don't mind, go leave us a rating and a review wherever you listen, especially on iTunes, if you don't mind. Um, and you can find us on Speaker 1 00:44:19 Social media at the mom, boys podcast, we love chatting with you on there. And um, any shout outs or love that to give us would be greatly approved. Yes, absolutely. As we're trying to grow here. All right, guys, we hope you have a wonderful day.

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