The Enneagram Test & Parenting Tips for Each Personality Type

Episode 94 December 14, 2020 00:57:23
The Enneagram Test & Parenting Tips for Each Personality Type
The Mom Voice
The Enneagram Test & Parenting Tips for Each Personality Type

Dec 14 2020 | 00:57:23


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Sarah Bones Lauren Willis

Show Notes

Dec. 14th, 2020 –  In this episode, the ladies sit down together after taking the Enneagram personality test! They’ve heard everyone talking about this lately and wanted to check it out. Oddly enough, they both shared the same score after completing the test.  This surprised them at first but then discover that it may be the underlining connection that makes them such great friends! They discuss each of the Enneagram types (1-9) – what they are and the characteristics of each. They then take it a set further and talk about how you can incorporate these traits into improving your parenting! Suggesting some ideas, discussing pitfalls and what to look out for for each personality type. They chat about how each of these traits are essential in a thriving community and that there is no “bad” type. 

The women close out the show with their regular hits and misses. Sarah shares her hit based around their new puppy while Lauren deals with a miss during recording! (An important present was delivered with a revealing shipping box, and the kids got the delivery. Oh no!)  

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