Our Airline Mask Rant & How-To Fix Your Slow Internet Speeds

Episode 111 March 26, 2021 00:31:37
Our Airline Mask Rant & How-To Fix Your Slow Internet Speeds
The Mom Voice
Our Airline Mask Rant & How-To Fix Your Slow Internet Speeds

Mar 26 2021 | 00:31:37


Show Notes

Mar. 26th, 2021 – In this episode, the ladies are back for a mid-week bonus episode. Sarah kicks things off with a major miss they had with their dachshund Kitt last weekend; then Lauren opens up about an issue she’s become aware of with the airlines lately. She shares how her niece is autistic and how mask-wearing just isn’t an option for her. The discussion then leads to how her sister’s family has been unable to fly because of strict mask rules enforced by airlines. This opens up a hot topic on how special needs children are being overlooked with the broad mask policies and a sincere hope that it will change. Sarah then blows Lauren’s mind with an answer to why her internet speeds are so slow. She informs the audience about what could be slowing down their home internet and gives the listener takeaways to fix it. (Hint hint: if you want to impress your man, listen to this one!)

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