Back to School! (& Our Summer Recap)

Episode 169 August 08, 2022 00:54:07
Back to School! (& Our Summer Recap)
The Mom Voice
Back to School! (& Our Summer Recap)

Aug 08 2022 | 00:54:07


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Sarah Bones Lauren Willis

Show Notes

Aug. 8th, 2022 – In this week’s episode, Sarah and Lauren are back from a brief summer vacation where they took time away from the pod to spend time with their families.  They each give a summer recap, highlighting some trips, events and sicknesses that swept the house along the way (ahh, mom life!).  It’s a much needed catch up with the besties after too much time apart!  Sarah shares her 1st ever COVID experience & the ladies laugh at how quick the summer went by… And just like that, they’re both ‘back to school’! They both share how they tried to make the most of their summer & hope you did the same. They close with their hits and misses of the week – Sarah sharing her victory over sugar and Lauren having some vocal struggles. 

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